Intolerant Hinduism

Many believe that Hinduism is a very tolerant religion. Many think that as it is not even a religion but just a way of life of population of an area, people are not prevented from getting out of it.

The facts unfortunately disprove such notion. Faizal (formerly called Aneesh Kumar), a 32 year old driver hailing from Malappuram in Kerala, had to pay with his life for the “crime” of getting out of Hinduism and embracing Islam. He was brutally killed by Hindutva (RSS) activists led by his brother in law.

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Hello again

Hello there !

It is almost a month since I wrote a blog post. The gap occurred because of pressure on time as I had shifted my place of work (clinic) to a new building and lot of things had to be set up from scratch.

Hope to be more consistent in writing from now on, even if it is not great writing.

Happy reading.