Cool Stuff Friday.

Saint Incredibeard.

Oh, does this photo ever make me laugh, it’s great. For the consciously hirsute out there, have a visit to Incredibeard, and don’t miss the Incredibeard Instagram. Part of their proceeds goes to help children access clean water, too, so you can get some nifty stuff for beard care, and be socially conscious, too.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has their Birds of North America up and running, and it is a great resource for all of us dinosaur watchers out there, check it out!

A great moment.

I’m supposed to be ‘resting’ (meaning don’t move much) for six effing weeks. The unhappiness of that was mitigated today by a gorgeous, very young Downy boy, who was braving the tray in the face of finch hordes, grackles, bluejays, robins, and much older, bossier woodpeckers. Click for full size!



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