1. says

    A small family of swamp hens had a mild panic attack when the horrible-human-onna-bike stopped to have a perve at them.

  2. kestrel says

    First thing I thought was, that looks kinda like a purple Gallinule! But it’s not the same bird of course. Great photos showing their consternation. :-)

  3. blf says

    A small family of swamp hens had a mild panic attack…

    That wasn’t a “panic attack”, they were just trying to decide if you were worth the bother of eating.

  4. David Brindley says

    Each morning I have 5 of these, plus assorted ducks, on my driveway awaiting their early morning feed of left over grainy bread, vegetables and / or mixed birdseed. Usually around 20 ducks. Occasionally I also have an Ibis or two. One of the nice things about living next to a storm water retention pond. I am in Adelaide’s northern suburbs (Playford Waters for those who know it.)

    The birds are quite tame and will come within 2 -- 3 feet of me. But while a duck will gobble and swallow and wait for more, a Swamphen will grab a chunk of food and run off to eat it. Only once that morsel is gone will it return for another.

    I don’t know what a gallinule is, but I do know that bird in Lofty’s photos is known as a Pukeko in New Zealand.

  5. says

    These swamp hens were snapped at the Salisbury Wetlands near the highway. Clearly I wasn’t supposed to invade their bedroom but wait for them to wander up to the boat deck for lunch.

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