TNET 46: In a Highlander’s Shoes

I do not know why the algorithm recommended the Fandabidozis channel to me, but it did. I think (although I am not sure) that it first recommended one of the videos in which he shows the crafting of some of his historically accurate-ish equipment.

I have enjoyed his videos in which he explores 17th-century equipment of the Scottish highlanders and this one is probably his biggest and best video project.

Open thread, you can talk whatever you want, just do not be an a-hole.

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  1. Bruce says

    Maybe the show can inspire you to make some sorts of knives that would sell well to fans of Highlander things. You could do something unique and still earn a high margin on such work. Good luck.

  2. StevoR says

    So our state Liberal (meaning conservative, more right-wing party here) Environment Minister Speirs basically being a troll here :

    For the record, I’m probly one of those “Greta Thunbergs” he’s whining about having been part of a local action group that stopped him turning a large part of Belair National park into a soccer club with multiple ovals. Also encountered him on social media where he lied and threw a screaming, sobbbing fit over being called out on those lies. Take all Speirs says with a glacier of halite. (Yes, salt glaciers are apparently a thing.)

    Meanwhile at the Federal level of politics here in Oz :

    One in three. The PM,Scotty the Liar said he wasn’t surprised -- and, of course, the Trumpian bully, misogynist and fraud didn’t say how he planned on changing it.

    Lessons not just on the pandemic but also about the economy too.

  3. StevoR says

    Meanwhile in other better news :

    Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy blog on the great ne wmilestoen discovery in strange spiral galaxy NGC 7727.

    This new Attenborough doco looks promising, thought-provoking and includes 1 min 36 sec trailer

    Plus Comet Leonard is looking very promising here for this and the next few months too :

    seems liek we have another Christmas comet coming..

  4. says

    @Rob Grigjanis, he has a shorter video specifically about Sgian Dubh of his own design. He sold several pieces to his fans. I do not plan to make Sgian Dubh anytime soon, but I probably will, at some point, make one just because. There are so many different knives that I want to try to make, I won’t manage to make them all even if I lived a hundred years.

  5. lumipuna says

    Hello, everyone. Winter has arrived here, with a relatively stable cold spell and occasional glimpses of sun. No snow to speak of, yet, but I’m making ice lanterns on the balcony.

  6. lumipuna says

    I just got the seasonal flu vaccine -- I’m not remotely eligible for a covid booster yet. Flu season is said to be bad this winter, though it’s not entirely clear if that’s supposed to be in comparison to last winter when there was almost no flu going around.

    I’ve often taken the flu shot in years before covid pandemic, because it was easily accessible at the university campus, though as a non-employee I’d have to pay for it. Normally I’d also have to pay at a public clinic, because I’m not high risk group. Last year, I didn’t bother getting the shot at all, because it seemed I was going to hide at home all winter anyway. Also, last year the doses ran out quickly because lots of people wanted to get vaccinated “at least for flu”.

    This year, there’s apparently more supply and less demand, because authorities are now urging people to take the remaining flu shots. As it happened, I procrastinated just long enough to get my shot from a public vaccination station for free, since the city of Helsinki waived the fee this week.

  7. Ice Swimmer says

    lumipuna @ 8

    I think the flu epidemic could be worse than normal because people have less cross-immunity from last year’s flu virus.

    I got my flu shot last week, on an appointment and for free because I have asthma. There were no side-effects and the shot was less painful than it is usually. City of Espoo has concentrated the vaccination stations to a few places, of which the one in the shopping mall in Matinkylä is easiest to access by public transport (the Metro station is under the mall), so I went there.

    I’ll get the second covid vaccine booster near the end of December. I’m guessing you could be getting yours six months after your second shot.
    * = The link goes to green politician (who was a statistician before his political career) Osmo Soininvaara’s blog because he expressed his trust and admiration for Nohynek’s logical thinking and intellectual honesty and was asked to elaborate on why he thought she was spot on with her analysis of the best possible vaccination prioritization, so he published this chart she had made.

  8. Ice Swimmer says

    And then removed some things about the prioritization between second boosters and the primary series of covid vaccination, but not the footnote.

    What I was saying was that one of the leading experts on vaccinations here, Hanna Nohynek, had calculated how much more effective the primary series is at preventing hospitalizations due to covid than the booster after that. The graphic is here and AFAIK, she has based it on the data found here.

    Of course, I’m not saying that one shouldn’t take the third shot, but I do have slightly mixed feelings about it. Using the doses on the primary series would make more difference, but on the other hand, with time the weakening immune response could prove fatal even for us who have got the full primary series of vaccinations.

  9. Jazzlet says

    I get my booster this Thursday, I need to ring up the pharmacy to see if I can get a flu vaccination at the same time. Boris is continuing to say Christmas parties and gatherings are on, though the public seem more divided with many firms cancelling Christmas parties. He is yet again not following the scientific advice which is calling for not just the masking that has been reintroduced, but getting people out of offices and back to working from home. None of this is a surprise, but it is depressing tht he and his colleagues seem incapable or unwilling to learn from their previous mistakes.

    It has been unseasonal here, we had snow at the weekend, and it’s been unusually cold since. We rarely get snow just here even when all around us do, in the eleven years we’ve been here I’ve not seen snow outside of January and February, even then it’s not every year. It’s been cold enough that we have needeed to increase the temperature on the thermosat during the day, even though both of us are wearing cosy clothes.

  10. says

    Sorry for, well, dropping off the edge of the world again. Things have been buy, busy, busy, and I really don’t know for how long we’ll be able to keep things running. The dishwasher broke and got replaced. my husband did not get killed during the installation, which is a marvellous show of self restraint by yours truly (how can you think that putting the new dishwasher into the kitchen before you’ve taken the old one out is a good idea?)
    I’ll get my booster some day next week, finally

  11. StevoR says

    @ ^ Giliell : Ouch and fair enough and no worries. Life at times just ..yeah.

    Some gloomy environmental news here -- preparing for the worst quite literally :

    Plus via Oceanoxia here :

    & meanwhile there’s an American connection here with the worst of our and the USA’s far-reichwings :

    Not just the disgusting (& retriring) Christensen but also one of my states senator’s and deplorable Trump fan Alex Antic.

  12. StevoR says

    Also discovered -- via radio quiz this classic old song by Kev Carmody :

    Whilst in better modern news for our Indigenous People specifically the Kaurna one whose stolen land I live :

    Meanwhile as a palate cleanser as Phil Plait (Bad Astronomy blog) used to put it :

    Doesn’t get more Aussie than this -- and the Echidna that stopped the biggest motor race in the nation lived!

  13. StevoR says

    @15. chigau (違う) : My condolences. Sorry to read that and thinking of you.


    Nearly 130 specie s added to the threatened with extinction list in Australia alone.

    Meanwhile in Afgahnistan, wells are drying up, land desertifying and Glonal Overheating destroying much of what remained after decades of war and occupation :

    In better if predictable and recently breaking news -- Trump loses yet again :

  14. StevoR says

    EVENT ALERT : On the unlikely (?) off chance any other folks in Adelaide, South Oz read thsi intime & withapologhies fro theshort notice, there’s an anti-Aukus nuclear subs deal protets tomorrow (Sat 11th Dec) rally on at Palrt House steps, 2 pm details here :

    They also have an fb page. WE could really use the numbers her e and allwelcome so please come if you can.

  15. lumipuna says

    Now, a random update on Covid-19 boosters. A couple weeks ago, Ice Swimmer responded to me:

    I’ll get the second covid vaccine booster near the end of December. I’m guessing you could be getting yours six months after your second shot.

    At the time, Finnish authorities had just announced that people over 40 will be eligible for the second booster (ie. third shot) six months after their previous shot. That is, aside from the immunocompromised and some other special groups who either were already eligible or would be at five moths. I’m not yet 40 (I just turned 39 a couple weeks ago), but it’s easy enough to predict that the guideline for us younger folks will be eventually also set at the same “six months minimum”. For me, that’ll be in mid-February. Few people under 40 will reach the six month minimum before February, so there’s no hurry to announce it yet.

    Oh, but did I say I’m not 40 yet? Just recently it occurred to me that, if I understand correctly, when 2022 rolls in, I’ll be officially counted in the 40-44 age group because I turn 40 before the end of that year. In other words, I’m already officially on track to be eligible in mid-February. I’m aging straight into vaccine eligibility. How time flies during a pandemic!

    Not that it makes any practical difference, though. Right now there’s talk about tightening the booster schedule due to the rapid emergence of Omicron variant, but vaccine supply is a rate limiting step. Already, it seems that some middle-aged folks here in Helsinki who should be eligible by the national guideline are not eligible by the local guideline because there’s not enough vaccine. Boosters were given out sparingly in October and November, and now it’s too late to boost many people before Christmas gatherings. Most of these people missing the booster (including the four family members I’m supposed to meet) will be five or six months past their previous shot, so not in their prime immunity any more.

  16. chigau (違う) says

    Here’s a thing.
    When you get a cold call and they say,
    “How are you today?” and you say,
    “My mother just died.”
    they mostly cannot deal
    my Mom would be laughing and laughing and laughing

  17. Jazzlet says

    My mother died when I was at university, and most of my fellow students were terrified I’d break down into tears if they said the wrong thing, so they didn’t say anything. I once stopped all conversation a large tea gathering by saying, into the kind of silence that happens from time to time when a lot of small groups of people are talking, “oh millionaire’s shortbread, we had that at my mothers funeral tea!”. The embarrassed silence was broken by a friend who had lost her brother when she was 21 and he 18, who understood that I didn’t need any direct response, but also that none of the others present had the faintest idea how to respond -- “Well now we know how to shut them all up!”.

    chigau your mother sounds like she had my kind of sense of humour.

  18. Jazzlet says

    Our anniversary holiday in January has beeen cancelled because the property had a tree fall on it during storm Arwen and the damage is more extensive than they at first realised, they are not expecting repair work to be complete until August. Probably for the best given omicron, but still sad.

  19. says

    My grandpa’s funeral was a grey December drizzle and my sister and I emphatically agreed that nobody could have dragged grandpa out of the house that day unless he were dead.

    Sorry about the holiday. But yeah. The horror when you realise that 2022 means 2020-TWO. One thing I’m grateful is that none of my friends and family are Covid deniers. Sure, Uli and us had fights about what to do, but we agreed on the basics.

    We’ve got three more days of school, which is a crime. If we’d sent them off on Friday families could have been sure their kids are safe or not come Christmas, instead of having a potentially infectious kid while meeting grandma and grandpa.

  20. Jazzlet says

    Missing threee days school to be sure you are not infecting your grandparents or come to that your paents is just stupid, especially with how extremely infectious omicron seems to be. I hope you all manage to stay well.

    My fully vaccinated and boosted BiL has COViD-19, seems to be a mild case, but he’s over seventy so we’ll see. Fully vaccinated and boosted SIL has aparently got a cold but with aches and shivers, I’m not convinced, she had a negative lateral flow test, but they are not that reliable, especially when it comes to negative results. Fretting rather. Fretting rather as she is getting continuing retment to keep recurrent breat cancer at bay. Fortunately they live in a large house and are able to keep to seperate rooms, so if it really is a cold she may yet avoid a COVID-19 infection.

  21. lumipuna says

    Happy winter/summer solstice!

    Here in Helsinki it’s a beautiful bright and cold day, still no snow on the ground but expecting to get a light dusting by Friday. Recently there was some icy slush and freezing rain, but luckily it melted before the current freeze.

    As I sit at my home “office” table on rare sunny winter days, just before midday the sun shines briefly between nearby buildings and into my eyes. Today, on winter solstice, it raises just barely enough to peek over the treetops some distance away. Two months from now, weather permitting, it will rise over the nearby buildings and start warming my glasshouse balcony.

  22. StevoR says

    @ ^ 33. Happy Solstice! Here, in Adelaide, South Oz, it’s a warm day with our daytime star burning down from overhead most of the day although not as hot -- into the mid-30’s and 40’s Celsius -- as it has been or will be. La Nina means a cooler and wetter Summer for us which is very welcome as far as I’m concerned. The local creeks have now dried up apart from a few deep and muddy waterholes which my old Kelpie delights in finding and splashing around in when out on walks..

    Oh & just booked my covid booster vaccine for a few weeks time.

  23. Jazzlet says

    Well not surprisingly my SiL also got COVID-19, both cases seem to be/have been mild. both are getting better.

    I have a numb right jaw, I managed to break a filling on an unexpected piece of walnut shell, and it was repaired this morning. I’m not sure there is much left of the tooth that the filling fell out of, but the dentist managed to patch it up.

  24. lumipuna says

    I’ve seen this inaccurate claim circulating before, but now it comes from a famous science popularizer:

    Neil deGrasse Tyson

    Both male & female Reindeer grow antlers. But all male Reindeer lose their antlers in the late fall, well-before Christmas.

    So Santa’s reindeer, which all sport antlers, are therefore all female, which means Rudolf has been misgendered.

    It’s been noted before by some cheeky progressive commenters that this could be evidence of Rudolf et al. being transmasculine characters, rather than “actually female” characters. Other than that, several people responding to that tweet assert the unusual properties of magic flying fantasy reindeer, and generally accuse NGT of being a point-missing killjoy. Someone noted that Rudolf has been historically often depicted without antlers -- and in my own note, not looking remotely like a reindeer anyway.

    It was also pointed out -- in a serious well, actually -- that male reindeer do in fact often retain their antlers past Christmas. This is briefly described in Wikipedia, and corroborated by the link below, as well as some Finnish literature I’ve seen. Mature males usually drop their big impressive antlers in late November -- early January. Young males (and also some less endowed mature males) retain their small antlers longer, often until late winter or early spring. Same happens with castrated males, as they are hormonally more female-like.

    Castration was also brought up in the replies, and someone linked to this:

    Reuters story

    This winter is definitely difficult for the reindeer ranchers up north, while they’re also still recovering from a difficult winter two years ago. BTW, international press often frames reindeer husbandry specifically as a Sami tradition, which is somewhat misleading. While in Norway and Sweden reindeer husbandry is legally reserved for Sami people, in Finland many reindeer ranchers are non-indigenous, and in Russia numerous indigenous peoples other than Sami keep reindeer.

    Reindeer-pulled sleds used to be a real transport method until they were replaced by snowmobiles. In 17th century Sweden they were first brought to the attention of the “civilized” world, and thus eventually became associated with Santa Claus, who was also said to be from the “far north”. There are some reindeer rides as tourist attractions in Northern Finland, but husky rides (which are not traditional) are more popular and easier for the tourists. Traditional castration of male reindeer went out of fashion with the demise of sled transport, though apparently it’s still common in Siberia. I suppose a good modern solution would be an androgen-blocking injection.

  25. Rob Grigjanis says

    lumipuna @36: Not the first time Tyson has been wrong about Rudolph. A few Christmases ago, he said that Rudolph was a good choice as lead reindeer, because red light penetrated fog better than other frequencies. Spectacularly wrong, and an astrophysicist should know better.

  26. StevoR says

    In the off-chance and hope that some reading this are in South Australia and able to attend tonight :

    Different day – tonight Weds 29th Dec & start time – 4.45 pm but same location – the Gawler Place intersection near the Pigeon sculpture in Rundle Mall & same Weekly Vigil for the refugees wrongly imprisoned on Manus and Nauru here. Please join us and help try to end this needless, unjust torment of innocent people who did us no wrong and pose us no threat.

    Details from the Adelaide Weekly Vigil for Manus and Nauru facebook page :

    Event by Adelaide vigil for Manus and Nauru
    Rundle Mall
    Duration: 1 hr 15 min
    Public · Anyone on or off Facebook

    Adelaide Vigil members invite you to join us for this week’s vigil – a different day and slightly earlier time this week.

    A few months ago Australian Government announced its plan to abandon the 110 refugee men remaining in Papua New Guinea, having detained them there, illegally, since 2013. That is about to happen as of New Year’s Eve, in a few days, and is causing much anxiety. A new Memorandum Of Understanding has been signed with Nauru, enabling the continuation of Australia’s offshore human warehousing to continue there, into the future. Following an extensive Covid_19 outbreak in the Melbourne detention hotel where 46 medevac refugees are housed, this week there was a fire, and the resident prisoners were not even evacuated, merely moved around the building, despite their justifiable fears.

    This Wednesday, from 4.45pm, we will meet at the intersection of Rundle Mall and Gawler Place, to stand publicly in support of refugees now in their ninth year of detention or immigration limbo, prevented from achieving safe resettlement despite their ever increasing need for it.

    We will stand together for the following 75 minutes, distributing updated information about the situation of those who were originally taken to Manus and Nauru detention centres by the Australian government. We will maintain social distancing and Covid_19 awareness and safe practice.

    Please join us in standing for the freedom, safety and human rights of the refugees the Australian government wants us to forget, with hundreds still being held in inhumane conditions after 8 years of punishment on #Manus, #Nauru and now also PNG and Australian Immigration Detention.

    The only laws that have been broken in their seeking of asylum are those which Australia itself has an international obligation to uphold, through its signing of the 1951 UN Refugee Convention.

    FWIW This Refugee Vigil is a weekly event which is usually (but NOT this one week) held on Friday nights from 5 pm, same place In Adelaide city centre.

  27. says

    Well, happy new year, I guess.
    It was a weird two days. We had a good new year’s eve, with our traditional 5 continents in 5 courses (pics will follow) and then the clock struck 12 and January 1st started and that’s Uli’s birthday, so me and my other BFF spent the first 10 minutes crying. I guess that’ll be our new tradition.

  28. Ice Swimmer says

    Happy New Year!

    Had a quiet New Year’s Eve and went to visit my friend on New Year’s Day. We drank coffee, ate some cookies and dallaspulla* and played cards.

    Because of the current covid restrictions, public saunas are closed. Fuck the covid! I’m hoping the omicron variant and vaccinations will make the epidemic “burn out”, but without a lot of people having to be hospitalized or dying. The number of infections is through the roof, doubling or tripling weekly. This will probably result in everybody here being either vaccinated or getting covid by the end of January.
    * = Which has nothing to do with Dallas, Texas. The developers of this thing just came up with a name they thought would fit a rich, quark-filled pulla roll.

  29. Ice Swimmer says

    Some reindeer news. Sort of. For reasons that are unclear, there is a (tame, mountain) reindeer on the loose in Helsinki suburbs. The police are trying to find out who the animal belongs to. The video seems to be taken under the Pohjois-Haaga railway station (which is on a bridge). The reindeer has no antlers, which is normal for this time of the year, but which probably makes it more difficult to catch the animal (AFAIK they are often lassoed and handled by their antlers). Mountain reindeer don’t really belong in Southern Finland, they are adapted for a cooler climate.

  30. Ice Swimmer says

    Ok, the reindeer has been caught by the police and they’ve handed it over to Helsinki Zoo. Still no info on the owner.

  31. Jazzlet says

    You’d have thought someone would notice they’d mislaid a reindeer around there …

    It’s raining again here, we had about 24 hours of colder weather, with snow on the ground, but we’re back to rain and mud.

  32. says

    Maybe the owner of the Reindeer does not know that it is missing yet, if it escaped from a herd in an open-air enclosure and wandered into the city from afar.

    Escaped tame reindeer roaming the streets of a major city is not something happening here in central Europe every day. Or at all.

    We have finally true winter weather, which nevertheless makes me feel rather under the weather. I really do not respond well to cold and overcast winter days and long dark winter nights. I also may have caught some cold or a chill -- yesterday I got sniffles and sore throat, but it subsided after a day in the warm indoor. I have spent the day by purchasing a domain and making my web page and webshop. I do hope to finish that soon and I also hope to get enough money out of it to not have to get employed next year.

  33. Ice Swimmer says

    Charly @ 46

    The Zoo vet isn’t sure if the reindeer is a tame mountain reindeer (Rangifer tarandus tarandus) or a wild forest reindeer (Rangifer tarandus fennicus). It’s a last spring’s calf, and it should be still following its mom. AFAIK, nearest populations of forest reindeer are about 200 -- 300 km from Helsinki (reindeer herding zone begins ever farther away, something like 600-700 km north of Helsinki).

    If the reindeer is tame/semi-wild and has been a part of someone’s herd, it should have received the earmarks (which are cuts on the edges of earlobes), but I can’t tell if there are any marks on the ears of the calf. Each reindeer owner is required to register their combination of earmarks.

  34. lumipuna says

    I rather suspect the Helsinki reindeer was kept without proper permit (and probably abandoned) by someone who now doesn’t want to be associated with it. In the unlikely case it turns out to be from an endangered wild population, it’s certainly worth the effort of rescuing and keeping alive.

  35. lumipuna says

    Re 50 -- DNA test is still pending, but now it seems the (likely) same animal was photographed in the wild weeks ago, some 150 km north of Helsinki.

    In other news, I just ran across this archive animation clip I remember from a Finnish publicly produced children’s show I watched as a little kid in the 1980s:

    It’s a visual instruction on how to avoid treacherous ice and how to rescue (ideally) someone after they fall in the ice. The two main characters, a teddy bear and a gender-ambiguous child, are traveling “back home to studio” at the end of a day, when the teddy decides to take a shortcut across a frozen lake. There’s no dialogue other than the rescued teddy saying at the end (very somberly) “Watch out for weak ice”.

  36. Jazzlet says

    Awsome work indeed, and so cool that rats that are light enough they will not set off landmines can be used, so the animal is safe while it saves humans.

  37. StevoR says

    The upcoming date of Jan 26th is officially and controversially -- and most Aussies I think now do want to change the date -- called Australia Day / Invasion Day but few people seem to realise that the first ship of the first fleet actually arrived today (18th Jan, okay now technically yesterday already in Oz sicne past midnight here even for Perth) -- 234 years ago. Namely the brig HMS Supply whose captain was Henry Lidgbird Ball, and which was also commanded by the Master / Commander David Blackburn and carried surgeon James Callam.

    They were far from the first Europeans to set foot in Australia, many previous Dutch and other explorers having charted mainly the western and northern coasts and two mutineers from the shipwrecked real life horror story that was the Batavia already having been marrooned permanently on what is now the West Australian coastline.

    However, this marked the beginning of the first permanent European settlement in Australia. The following weeks, months and years would mark the founding of the penal colony of New South Wales -- which then extended in concept from what is now Victoria to what we call today Queensland (where NSW was actually named following Cook’s repair job on the Endeavour after hitting the Great Barrier Reef) -- and the start of the Frontier Wars and the Dispossession of hundreds of Indigenous Peoples in Australia.

    The First Fleet carried aboard vials of smallpox and soon after the Fleet’s arrival, an outbreak of that deadly disease broke out devastating the local population although there is no official -- or other -- known record of whether and if so how and by whom those vials were used.

    Related informative ABC video -10 mins long here :

    Informative webpage here :

    Chilling artefact and surviving wooden -- & rope -- relic of that time and a mysterious fusion of Indigenous and European -- indeed the Supply‘s commander’s history here :

    WARNING : Potentially disturbing material.

    Parts of my nation’s history that seems toofew of my nation’s people know, appreciate and wish to acknowledge.

    Also part number 1,001 (approx -some hyperbole) of why Jan 26th isn’t the right date to have the “celebration of the nation”” as the old bicentenial song once went.

  38. StevoR says

    Excellent article -and set of poll questions here albeit you may need to go through a bit of a rigmarole to access it. Please skip through and read it and answer here because it does make for interesting informative reading. Of course, personally, I voted yes Pluto is a planet and also Eris and Ceres too though not our Moon with my preferred definition for planet being an object that’s gravitationally round so not a comet or asteroid, never self-luminous from core nuclear fusion so not a star or brown dwarf and not directly orbiting another planet so not a moon.

    FWIW as of now votes are :

    67% say yes Pluto should be a planet again of the 92,498 readers that voted.

    For Eris (I voted yes too) yes = 10%
    no = 29%
    What’s an Eris = 61%

    Of 75,857 readers.

    For Ceres -voted yes there too.

    Yes = 12%
    No= 44%
    Never heard of = 43%

    59,076 voters.

    Final question on Earth’s Moon being a planet, voted no here myself

    Yes = 6%
    No = 94%

    So far 51,281 people voted.

    History question didn’t have figures -- or include Aristarchus of Samos arguably even more correct than Copernicus.

    Final question -- I answered everything round that directly orbits the Sun FWIW though would have a slightly diferent personal definition of not a star, not a Moon and round excluding orbit apart from orbiting a planet.

    Current definition -- but leave space for Planet 9 = 63%
    Everythig round that directly orbist the Sun = 24%
    Everything round including large moons = 2%
    Retire the word planet = 10%

    Out of 23,925 voters as of 10.50 am 19th Jan local (South Oz) time.

  39. lumipuna says

    Re 50 -- The Helsinki reindeer turned out to be a wild forest reindeer, according to the DNA test. It’s currently recovering in a zoo holding enclosure. I expect they’ll release it in the spring in some area where wild reindeer live.

  40. Ice Swimmer says

    lumipuna @ 58

    Yeah. Now I’m wondering what was it that brought it to Helsinki? Maybe it tried to find food (lichen and shoreline plants) but wasn’t all that successful and pretty much ran out of land when it was progressing southwards. Talvipuutarha (where it was caught) is just north on the bay sticking into the Helsinki peninsula (Töölönlahti) and the southernmost parts of Helsinki peninsula are a short reindeer pissing* from there.
    * = A reindeer pissing (Finnish: poronkusema) is the distance a tame reindeer can be driven when pulling a sled before it has to stop and pee (they aren’t supposed to be capable of peeing and running at the same time). The maximum is about 7.5 km. In this case, the distance is 4 -- 5 km.

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