Women Artisans on YouTube – Woodworker – Ashley Harwood

I haven’t watched any other of her videos yet, and I must say that I do not like her choice of accompanying music very much*, but her handiwork is beautiful.

  • I do in fact enjoy woodturning videos most when they only have the sound of the lathe and the chisel crunching the wood. I do not know why.


  1. dangerousbeans says

    Wood turning is a very relaxing, meditative activity (catches excluded), and I think no background music best shares that aspect. Although maybe all these people who like background music also listen to music when turning.

    Have you found Blondihacks by Quinn Dunki yet?

  2. says

    Pohl barn productions is pretty good. I think Harwood makes a big deal out of her work but it’s not amazingly special, to me. I feel bad being underwhelmed -- it’s nice to see that not all youtube crafters are 50something guys in overalls.

    Seconding Quinn/aka: “blondihacks” -- she exposes her reasoning clearly and is very clear. And of course there is This Old Tony who is instructive and makes machining interesting.

  3. says

    @Marcus, I think it is OK to be underwhelmed by someone’s work. But it might be there is some subconscious sexism in that judgment there too. Would you be just as underwhelmed if one of the 50 something guys in overalls did the same job?
    I do not have a judgment on her work because haven’t seen any other of her vids because, well, time. But I think it is perfectly OK with her being proud of her handiwork, even if it is not amazingly special. Everything cannot be amazingly special, that is just not possible. And even things that are not special in relation to other things might be special in their particular context. My first commissioned knife was definitively special, even though it was not amazing.

    edit: removed double negative from the first sentence. I used Czech grammar in English.

  4. Tethys says

    I too enjoy maker videos that have no narration, just the sounds associated with the task. It is pleasant to watch people work with their hands to make bread, or turn things on a lathe.

    I have not watched this video, but it strikes me that ASHley Harwood is an excellent name for a wood turner.

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