1. Ice Swimmer says

    I started to wonder whether that’s actually a fjord in the background or one of the long and narrow lakes in Hedmark (the county in which Munch was born) or some other body of water. I’ve never been to Norway so I wouldn’t know and I couldn’t find any info by searching for “Spring plowing” or Vårpløying (the Norwegian name of the painting, vår is the season spring in Norwegian and Swedish).

    It seems that the painting is in the collections of the Munch museum in Oslo.

  2. Rob Grigjanis says

    Marcus @3: My dad grew up on his family’s small farm in Latvia. There were certainly things he loved about the life, but all in all I think he loved the beauty and simplicity of working in an English factory more. Romanticizing peasant life has been a thing since most people stopped doing it.

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