Winterfest Photofest

Today’s photographs all speak to the blanketing beauty of fresh snow.

First, we have a tranquil snow scene sent in by Kelvin L. Woelk.

©Kelvin L. Woelk, all rights reserved


Next, some a few shots of this year’s first snowfall from our very own Charly.

©Charly, all rights reserved

©Charly, all rights reserved


Finally, some quiet landscape shots full of pattern, taken in central or west-central Minnesota by Mark Hesse.

The one titled Hoarfrost was taken in Morris, MN, home of FTB’s own PZ Myers.”

Ice Houses ©Mark Hesse, all rights reserved

Hoarfrost,©Mark Hesse, all rights reserved

Ornaments,©Mark Hesse, all rights reserved

Big Stone,©Mark Hesse, all rights reserved

Thanks for taking the time to send in your photos.




  1. Ice Swimmer says

    The first is almost from a fairytale. Charly’s leaves remind me of Caine and her close-up pictures.

    I love how Mark Hesse is playing with light. Also, the windswept snow “dunes” on the ice in the last is wonderful, I sure hope to see that kind of scenery this winter (that is, I hope the Gulf of Finland will freeze this year, possibly so that is freezes first during a clear cold night and some light, dry snow will fall on the smooth ice later).

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