Jack’s Walk

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Jack and I have spent lots of time outside the past few days, trying to soak in as much sunshine and nice weather as we can before the days get too short and cold. The smaller creatures of the world are doing the same. All-day long, our neighbourhood is abuzz with bees, and there is a steady stream of chipmunks and squirrels skittering back and forth carrying treasure hither, thither and yon. Jack finds all this activity very distracting. He feels obligated to watch when they cross too close to his porch, which often happens, as we are an apparent thoroughfare, but he gets tired and cranky and eventually lays down his bowling ball of a head with a clunk and a sigh. If he can stay awake, Jack grumbles at the noises, but if he falls off to sleep, it’s a fitful one, full of twitching and whisker bristling. I imagine his dreams are full of giving chase in his younger body when he could run as easily as walk. I have those dreams, too, Bubba, only I don’t chase squirrels, I dance.


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    So he’s getting “a squirrel” reaction more than he’d want to get.

    At the sauna I frequent nowadays (because of the epidemic situation), there are two Landseers who hang out in the bar/restaurant area and inner courtyard. I wonder what happens their dreams. They do get scritches and pets from many of the customers, but they never beg for food. As I’m allergic and have a fear of dogs (which I can easily manage with those boys as they don’t bark or growl at people, only at other dogs and each other) I don’t pet them often, they just come and smell me once and then go elsewhere. They don’t go into the sauna itself (with the thick fur, it would be quite uncomfortable).

    However there’s another sauna, and the owner has a small dog that has a thin fur and that dog often walks under the door of the hot room, jumps on top bench and curls there for a while, seemingly enjoying it.

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