Hummingbird Tongues are Weird

Last week I posted a story from kestrel about her rescue of a hummingbird. A few days later, this video crossed my desk, and it explains why the bird was likely so calm – torpor, which is a bit like going into a coma when you sleep.  The video also covers a lot of general information about hummingbirds, focusing on their perfectly adapted and unique tongues. This channel is a bit irreverent, but their videos are humorous, engaging and well researched.


  1. kestrel says

    Wow, that’s pretty cool. I knew that there are some species of flower (I think in the Andes?) that grow a certain distance apart… too far, and the hummingbird pollinators can’t make it, they run out of fuel. But yes I think it’s true -- the bird I helped did not “understand” that I was trying to help him -- he was simply at the end of his resources and had no choice but to remain quiet. He simply could not fly or struggle, he was out of fuel. The poor thing…

    They are amazing creatures and I always try and have flowers blooming at all times possible in my garden for them.

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