Wednesday Wings: a Eurasian Blackcap, or how Sexism is Just Plain Stupid

Because obviously half the bird population does not halve a black cap, just like most blackbirds are brown indeed.

But it’s a cute LBB (Little Brown Bird) and I was happy to take her picture.

©Giliell, all rights reserved Always get that first shot, because you never know if you will have time to adjust the camera

©Giliell, all rights reserved

©Giliell, all rights reserved

©Giliell, all rights reserved


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    The sexist naming is rather common and happens in multiple languages, for example bullfinch is punatulkku in Finnish, but only the male is red (puna is the noun form for red). Luckily tits aren’t very sexually dimorphic…

    However the extreme example for gendered naming in Finnish for wild birds has to be the capercaillie, the cock is ukkometso and the hen is koppelo and it is questionable if it was understood that they even were of the same species. This is somewhat understandable as they don’t look alike and the cock is twice as big as the hen and it isn’t only humans that get confused but also other landfowl, specifically black grouse cocks will sometimes mate with capercaillie hens, producing hybrid offspring.

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