The Art of Book Design: All Among The Loggers or Norman Carver’s Winter in a Lumber Camp

C.B. Burleigh. All Among the Loggers or Norman Carver’s Winter in a Lumber camp. Boston, Lothrop, Lee & Shepard co., 1908.


via The Library of Congress


  1. dakotagreasemonkey says

    I have worn “Logger” boots for over 2 decades, as my favorite footwear outside of work.
    For traipsing around a rural farming community, boots are a no brainer, Ked’s, Chucks, or Vans, just don’t get the real value of where you are, really, in the real world.
    My “loggers” are made by Wolverine. 3rd pair currently on my feet, So comfortable, I don’t take them off when I get home. Every other “work boot” I can’t wait to get out of after a day’s work.
    A good logger gives you dexterity at your feet, ability to grip the ground, and “feel” of the surface you’re trying to cross. Enough “toe room” to splay your toes to maintain balance, even inside of big boots. Even when my dog is having trouble crossing terrain where he is slipping with 4 feet, I still get where I’m going, without falling down. That slippery, one boot (foot, might slip) the other foot is the anchor. Can’t beat them, so far.

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