Jack’s Walk

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We’re having a small family feast at casa voyager today in honour of Canadian Thanksgiving. There will only be 3 of us humans, myself, Mr. V and his brother, but there will be 2 big, slobbery dogs on hand to round out the table and help with the dishes. On the menu is roast chicken with homemade stuffing and gravy, roasted potatoes, green bean casserole, red cabbage (a tradition from my family), local fresh-picked peas and carrots, and raspberry pie with whipped cream for dessert. The pie is in honour of the Thanksgiving when Mr. V’s very dignified father accidentally sprayed whipped cream all over himself and the surrounding area. It’s now a tradition to tell the story and have a few laughs over dessert. Of course, we have to use the whipped cream that comes in a can.

I try to take the time on Thanksgiving to think about all my blessings and not just those of any particular day. It’s a long, full list, and today the exercise has left me feeling a bit nostalgic and overwhelmingly grateful to be such a lucky voyager. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


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