YouTube Video: Are Fox News’s Gun Violence Solutions Better for Guns Than for People?

Trevor Noah nails it. After the last sentence of this video, there really is nothing left to say about the conservative “solutions”.


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    @jrkrideau, I am sorry for that, but there is nothing I can do about that. Strange that it is available in CZ but not in Canada, on the surface that does not make sense.

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    I’m always wondering if those people actually know that “armed guards everywhere” is impossible or if they are just stupid.
    Over the holidays I read Mira Grant’s Newsflesh series, which does have some biting commentary on exactly those issues, and the thing I just couldn’t get over it was that the world building was not convincing. Mild spoilers, we’re past the zombie apocalypse. They constantly need to test their blood for infection, there are armed guards everywhere, people rarely leave their homes if it can be avoided, especially not to gather in groups, and I kept thinking “how do you make all that shit and pay for it? Who’s paying all those “redshirt” guards and who’s replacing them in the workforce?

  3. Gelaos says

    I like this video. He’s adressing those arguments seriously, yet still manages to make it funny. And the last sentence is really spot on.
    The “God argument” is stupid. Nothing more, just immensely stupid. (the David/Bible joke is priceless)
    The “family argument” is good and it works – to some extent. But families alone won’t solve the problem.
    The “guards everywhere” could actually work… in ideal, theoretical environment. In reality it’s not possible and it doesn’t work, period.
    I think that the solution is more complex and contains many elements, including these 3 “arguments” (well, replace God with more reason-based morality). But selecting only one element (God/morality, family, armed guards) and calling it the ultimate solution is just plain wrong. Are proponents of these arguments so naive?
    Funny. As much as I love some content by Fox, the Fox News – especially during Trump presidency – is a pile of garbage.

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