The Art of Book Design: Korean Fairy Tales

William Elliot Griffis. Korean Fairy Tales. New York, Thomas Y. Crowell Company, New York, 1922.

It’s Fairy Tale Saturday and this week our book tells tales from the country of Korea. The author, William Griffis, lived and taught in Japan for many years and wrote many serious books on Japan and Japanese Culture. Mr. Griffis was brought to Japan in 1870 to assist in the modernization of Japanese Schools. He became a respected educator and author within Japan and was twice honored with the Order of the Rising Sun – in 1907 with the Gold Rays with Rosette and in 1926 with the higher honor of Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon.

The tiger climbed up and out. – Korean Fairy Tales, frontispiece

Shouted East Light, “Let us flee.” – Korean Fairy Tales, page 15

They cracked their crockery. – Korean Fairy Tales, page 35

With patience Miryek listened to the proud father. – Korean Fairy Tales, page 57

A party of children caught sight of the odd pair. – Korean Fairy Tales, page 77

She heard a whir and a rush of wings. – Korean Fairy Tales, page 111

The lovely lady who stands by the starry river to meet her lord. – Korean Fairy Tales, page 161

All the children clapped their hands. – Korean Fairy Tales, page 193


via: The Internet Archive, where you can always look at the entire book.



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