Eucalyptus Flowers

Lofty has sent us the happiest little flowers I’ve ever seen.

Winter is also the time for some of our eucalyptus to flower. Most do it way up in the sky and usually you only know by the carpet of spent pale yellow flowers on the ground underneath the tree. This one however (a street tree) offered its flowers at eye level for my camera to snap at. The size of the flowers is around 25mm or 1″ long.

Eucalyptus Flowers, ©Lofty, all rights reserved


  1. rq says

    Cheerleading pompoms is what first came to mind for me, but Muppet hats works, too! :D

  2. StevoR says

    Great photo thanks! Do we have a species for them please?

    Guessing maybe Coral Gum (Corymbia ficifolia) or Blue gum (eucalyptus leucoxylon) or one of the stringybarks maybe Eucalyptus obliqua here judging by the shape of the leaf where the stalk joins the leaf blade at what looks like an oblique~ish angle (a diagnostic id feature) maybe -- though not 100% sure from pic? Hard to tell without more images of the tree.

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