Avalus has an eye for the small things of this world and it seems he also has an eye-out.

This little fella’ was hopping on the sidewalk next to a shop. I warded it from traffic and overly curious people that try to touch it for about ten minutes. It tried to fly but only managed big hops until eventually it succeeded and flew away.

Birdy ©Avalus, all rights reserved


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    Yesterday I was walking around an auto junkyard with my dad. He’s been restoring our old home made utility trailer for a while, and we were there looking for a replacement set of rims and tires, At one point we heard a bird calling out, and as we approached a certain spot it became louder. Looking on the ground we found a killdeer giving us a dirty look, its wings and feathers all spread out. Dad figured it probably had a nest on the ground nearby.

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