YouTube Video: Did people have bad teeth in medieval times?

Through the magic of recommendations, I have discovered another interesting youtube channel about medievalism. I have watched this one video so far though, because reasons. But I intend to watch more when the opportunity arises.

I have often wondered how dental hygiene was done in medieval times. It is not a topic that is routinely taught at schools, not even good ones.


  1. avalus says

    A good find, Charly. thanks for sharing:
    Now to the definitive answer from an anthropologist at my university gave me: Sometimes!

  2. Jazzlet says

    A dentist friend of mine reckons using a hazel twig is just as effective as using a toothbrush. More effective if used properly as you brush and floss with the same twig, then throw it away. He also thinks that most people don’t brush their teeth properly with a toothbrush.

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