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No, this will not be another black hole post, although if you haven’t seen it yet, quickly:

First ever direct image of a black hole! The supermassive black hole in the galaxy M87 — 6.5 billion times as massive as the Sun! The image is better than I expected!

As tweeted by Katie Mack (@AstroKatie).

Instead, I found some art! Some spooky art that speaks to me, because despite the darkness, they don’t leave me feeling sad – there’s a loneliness that I enjoy because it has strength and conviction. Anyway, may I introduce you to Dawid Planeta – Artist Illustrates His Battle With Depression as a Mystical World of Spirit Animals, via My Modern Met:

A small figure appears throughout the poignant series, perhaps representing Planeta himself. He’s seen wandering through the fog-filled labyrinth, bravely facing the ominous jungle animals who feature glowing eyes that illuminate the darkness. They seem to be guiding him through the deep jungle, “to find his inner strength, find the light and come back with it.” And, Planeta explains, “When he knows who he is, he goes there again, this time without fear. He goes there because it’s a part of who he is. It’s a part of human nature you can’t ignore. You need to know all parts of life, dark and bright.”

Despite the difficulty of dealing with depression, Planeta managed to channel his feelings into creativity. “Depression—it’s not easy to deal with, but when you try, you can stop thinking about it as a weakness and turn it into something brilliant,” he says. “That’s what I aim to accomplish with my art. Things I’m trying to depict are dark, mysterious and frightening, but if you look closely, you will find excitement, passion and joy. Just open your mind and see.”

One example before the cut, for more keep reading:

by Dawid Planeta

by Dawid Planeta

by Dawid Planeta

And I really, really love this fish:

by Dawid Planeta

More at the link, on instagram, and elsewhere. About the artist:

Dawid Planeta was born in 1990 in Kraków, Poland and graduated with an Industrial Design degree from the Academy of Fine Arts. He has worked as an art teacher and graphic designer. In recent months his latest project titled “Mini People” has been widely shared by multiple blogs and online publications including The Huffington Post. In his art, he explores the boundaries of the human ability to create fictional worlds out of well-known elements by putting them into a new context. 


(Well, it was between this or Galley Slave’s Horizon off the same album.)


  1. voyager says

    This work is amazing. I like them all, but the beach really speaks to me. I know that open feeling of space, the ebb and flow of energy and awe at the connectedness of everything. When I look at it I can feel the salt air and smell the sea and the birds… I can hear them…I didn’t know art could do that!

  2. Jazzlet says

    Gosh. The rhino, so sad, so tired yet so patient.

    And I haven’t listened to Tangerine Dream in years.

  3. Nightjar says

    Wow, thanks for sharing, rq. His art is amazing and it does speak to me as well. Bookmarked to look at it in more detail when I have the time!

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