A Spider Battles the Snow

I did not know that spiders were active in the snow. I found this one in the forest climbing out of my footprint on his way to an important date. He was moving pretty fast, probably because Jack was giving him the nose. Photos are below the fold.

©voyager, all rights reserved

©voyager, all rights reserved


  1. rq says

    What a beauty! I hope the date was worth that long walk uphill in snow both ways on all 8 legs…

  2. Hekuni Cat, Social Justice Ninja, MQG says

    I didn’t realize spiders could be wandering around in the snow. Thank you for enlightening me. (That this might come up in a future D&D campaign is entirely probable. :D)

    Also, Giliell and rq, *pouncehug* I hope 2019 is treating you and yours very well.

  3. rq says

    OMG Hekuni Cat!!! *pouncehugsreturned*

    I hope 2019 is treating you and yours very well.

    One can always find something about which to complain, but honestly, so far, so good. I hope the same for you!


    re: the spider
    I also forgot to mention that I think the spider was out because he, too, was convinced it was already spring, and was unpleasantly surprised by that ugly white stuff.

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