Jack’s Walk

Fresh Snow at the Lake. ©voyager, all rights reserved

Grey skies, grey light, trees in black and white. I’m hungry for colour and sunshine and maybe even just a break from frigging with the white balance on my camera. These softly lengthening days of February have been so dull this year that the extra daylight looks more like daylong twilight. It’s a good thing HappyJack™ has a happy tail to motivate me or I might not leave the house at all on days like this.


  1. springa73 says

    Glad that Jack is happy, but sorry to hear that the weather has been gloomy and cloudy. I’ve been luckier as far as sunshine -- maybe the cloudiness has to do with you living near the Great Lakes?

  2. voyager says

    The Great Lakes are a huge part of our weather around here. We’re nestled in the dangly bit of southwestern Ontario, sort of in the loins of the lake system. In warmer weather it’s almost always humid and in colder weather it’s rain or snow. This year has been unusual, though. Definitely more days of precipitation and even days of cold humidity. I’m wondering if it’s because it isn’t cold enough for the snow to stay snow so all the moisture remains available and feeds into a weather loop. Winter used to be dry. It’s supposed to be the season of static cling and dry skin, but this year sure hasn’t been.

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