Jack’s Walk

Ice, Ice, Baby.

The state of my steps ©voyager, all rights reserved

Day 2:

Jack and I are still confined to home. The temp is around 0º  C and we’re still getting freezing rain. Everything is covered in a thick layer of ice and just stepping out on the porch is an adventure in slipping and sliding. The trees are creaking and groaning under the weight of all that ice and several trees on my street have lost big branches. I fear that the big grandmother trees in our little forest will also suffer loss of limbs or even life. One heavy ice storm about 10 years ago uprooted 18 giant trees in 2 days. In places they fell like dominos.

Jack does need to get outside, though, so we bravely ventured as far as the front lawn where I took a few photos. They didn’t turn out very well because the light was weak, the sky is an unrelenting concrete gray and I was bobbing and wobbling like an egg on an escalator.

Ice, Ice, Everywhere Baby ©voyager, all rights reserved

I need skates ©voyager, all rights reserved

Even the grass is slippery ©voyager, all rights reserved

Everything is frozen solid ©voyager, all rights reserved

Not going anywhere ©voyager, all rights reserved

Frozen shut ©voyager, all rights reserved

Jack helping to clean-up the debris ©voyager, all rights reserved

I’m going to take a page from rq’s book and leave you with a song today.



  1. springa73 says

    Wow, you’ve gotten the ice a lot worse than we did. By late morning here, most of the ice on the streets and other paved areas had melted, and the ice on the trees is mostly gone now. I hope you get some above freezing temperatures to melt it soon! Keep safe.

  2. Jazzlet says

    Those pictures are amazing, I’ve never seen ice like that. I can’t even tell what the ?seedhead? in the fourth picture is, but the way the small spots of colour behind the birch branch pop in the first one is neat and the grass too.

    Always good to see Jack, I hope he likes ice sticks <3

  3. johnson catman says

    There was a storm that came through our area on Christmas Eve I think in 1998. It was all freezing rain. The buildup on the trees continued all day. During the extended family evening meal, we started hearing the trees start breaking. It started kind of slowly, but as it got worse, the power finally went out as some of the branches took out the power lines. It was a devastating storm, and the power was out for more than a couple of days. Freezing rain is WAY worse than snow or sleet.

  4. Nightjar says

    The pictures are amazing and I find the weather phenomenon fascinating. I’ve never seen anything like that. It looks beautiful and dangerous.

    Here the weather is more or less stable and normal for the season. Some days sunny, some cloudy, some rainy, temperatures between 10ºC and 15ºC during the day and between 3ºC and 8ºC at night. Harmless and uninteresting. :)

  5. rq says

    Brings back memories of ’97.
    I love the grass photo the best. Take care of yourselves, be careful out there!!! Nothing so slippery as freezing rain.

  6. Ice Swimmer says

    Glassy grass. The pictures look lovely, but I’m happy to hear that the ice has melted.

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