Jack’s Walk

Morning at the park, ©voyager, all rights reserved

I know the perspective is wonky is this photo, but it was taken with my phone camera which I really don’t know how to use. Unfortunately, it’s the only camera I have right now because I’ve lost the charger for my real camera, making it more of a paperweight than a camera. The charger is a biggish thing that should be easy to find, but it’s hiding somewhere in the chaos that is my house right now. I’ve been scatter-brained lately so it could be anywhere and my short-term memory sucks at the best of times so it may be a few days before I find it, but find it I will. Predictably, it will be in the last place I look.


  1. DonDueed says

    If you know the output voltage and current and the connector type, please post them here. I have a box full of various chargers and may well have one that would work for you.

  2. Bruce says

    The park photo looks ok, like reality, to me. But I hope your charger turns up soon.
    By the way, if you don’t want it to only be found in the last place you look, here is a “solution”. First, make a list of places to look. Then look in all of those places. The secret is that after you find the charger, you’ll still want to look in all the other places it might have been, even after you found it already. You can’t just stop looking, otherwise it will have been found in the last place you look.
    Personally, I am not unhappy when I find something in the last place I look, but it is an individual choice. Happy looking.

  3. rq says

    Ah, but what if you kept looking after you found it? No list, just kept looking? It would be incredible!
    I like to think that it’s always in the first place you didn’t look, but that usually only works with my glasses as in, “I would never leave my glasses there, so I won’t even look!” So. You can probably guess how it usually ends.

  4. Jazzlet says

    We have ended up with a couple of charging shelves to avoid this problem. On one are the various chargers in use, including the battery and toothbrush chargers, and on the other the chargers not in use along with the rechargable batteries. All the chargers have a sticky label ‘flag’ on the cable saying what they charge. It is the only way we have been able to maintain our sanity in relation to chargers and it works wonderfully for us.

    Hope you find your charger soon!

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