Wednesday Wings

David sends these wonderful images of pelicans.  Plus a bonus cormorant, I think.

I don’t think there can ever be too many Pelicans, so here is a bunch
roosting on a submerged tree, Murray River, Loxton, South Australia.


©David Brindley, all rights reserved


©David Brindley, all rights reserved


©David Brindley, all rights reserved


  1. says

    Have you seen that some pelicans have apparently been innovating and swallowing other birds? Turns out other birds are food, too!

    I saw one video that was practically funny. A pelican is sitting there eyeing a tern (I think) and suddenly leans over and *schwoomp*!gluck! Down the hatch!

  2. Jazzlet says

    I’ve read about it, not seen any videos, I guess anything tht will fit in that bill pouch will count a food.

    I couldn’t believe they were the same birds the first time I saw pelicans in flight, so graceful in the air.

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    The cormorant is doing a bit of a blending in the surroundings act.

    The pelicans don’t have to.

  4. says

    Pelicans are best observed with a little bit of zoom on the camera. Small children waving ice creams in outstretched hands have had nasty surprises.

  5. DavidinOz says

    You’re right there, Lofty, especially around the Torrens. :-)

    These were shot at about 40x, mostly because I don’t like to disturb wildlife with my clomping around. Unless its bin chickens.

  6. rq says

    Just a nice day to relax…


    I bet the tern didn’t think it funny… (I admit, I giggled.)

  7. DavidinOz says

    OK Marcus and RQ, time for a biit of Spike Milligan.

    What a funny old bird is the Peliacan,
    His beak can hold more than his belly can.


    Said baby tern to mother tern
    “Can I have a brother?”
    Said motehr tern to baby tern
    “yes, one good tern deserves another”

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