Jack’s Walk

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It’s raining again. It started yesterday afternoon just in time to spoil Halloween. Most of the little ones had parents with umbrellas and the older ones out in groups were scarce. Really, there weren’t many kids at my door. How was your Halloween? What was the best costume you saw?


  1. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Where I live, we had the ghosties and ghoulies come around on Sunday afternoon (the city sets the time, this year from 2-5 pm) for safety. It rained all night before, and the rain didn’t end until about an hour before the start time. Still, I gave away 220 pieces of candy in those three hours. Last year, when it was dry, it was almost 400 pieces.
    Very hard to call the best costume.

  2. says

    I saw a lady on the plane who had made a hairband that supported scissors that looked theu were jammed in her skull with blood running down. Creative!

  3. voyager says

    I think setting a time during the day for trick or treating is a great idea. On my busiest Halloween I never came close to 200 kids. You must have a lot of candy left over. ;D
    Very creative. I’m surprised they let her on the plane.

  4. Nightjar says

    No kids at my door at all this year, although they could still show up today and tomorrow by the local tradition rules. Last year there were two groups. I think the tradition is dying a little, especially when the weather isn’t inviting as was the case yesterday. It’s also changing, when I was a kid we didn’t wear Halloween costumes at all, but these days most kids have adopted that “foreign” tradition.

  5. says

    We got a fair number of kids, but not as many as when Halloween falls on a weekend. Lots of superheroes, a fair few Wonder Women. My favorite was a trip of girls, one dressed as a farmer, the other two as her cows complete with cowbells. All home-made costumes from the look of it; the cows were wearing big white t-shirts with black markings drawn on.

  6. Ice Swimmer says

    I didn’t really celebrate Halloween. 11 hours of studying (attending lectures and exercise sessions, a group work meeting and some simulation project stuff.)

    I love the leaves and the silver on Jack’s fur.

  7. says

    We have no Haloween tradition except visiting family graves. So I visited my paternal grandparents grave with my father and we put a little wreath there and lit a candle.

    No costumes to be seen anywhere.

    Apart from that, I have spent the whole day alternately watchng Youtube Videos whilst tempering my future hardness measuring gauges in pot of hot oil on the stove and trying to sleep of the bug tha bugs me.

  8. Nightjar says

    Ok, so tonight a little kid showed up with his parents and a hollowed out pumpkin. They are family, though, and it was more of a visit than anything else. Anyway, I’m going to count a total of 1 kid at my door this year.

    Like Charly, earlier today I visited family graves with my mother and we lit candles, checked on the flowers put there the day before and chit-chatted with family, friends and acquaintances we met at the cemetery. All Saint’s Day is a national holiday here and many people spend a significant part of their day off visiting graves.

  9. kestrel says

    No one came to our door (one of the things about living way out in Nowheresville, where most of the neighbors are cows) but at the store today the lady showed us her totally impressive costume and her daughter’s. Her daughter was done up as a sort of super-spooky psychic Goth fortune teller with a really creepy makeup job on the backs of her eyelids -- when she closed her eyes it looked like she had hollow glowing sockets. Very nice!

  10. voyager says

    I hope you feel better soon. I’m looking forward to seeing how you make the gauges.

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