Tree Tuesday

This week we have an autumn oak tree in its fieriest colours from Avalus. I love how bright the colours look against the grayish sky, almost as if the leaves are lit from within. The single oak leaf that follows, though, is seriously trippy. It’s instructions seem to read 1) lose all green colour 2) fall to the ground 3) get a fungal infection and 4) turn green again…in artistic little blobs. Thanks, Avalus, for this very interesting share.



Fall Oak, ©Avalus, all rights reserved

Fall oak leaf, ©Avalus, all rights reserved


  1. Nightjar says

    The colours in the first photo are gorgeous and that leaf is quite an interesting find. Thanks for sharing, Avalus!

  2. avalus says

    I have the leaf presently between two sheets of paper and some heavy books. The green just stayed.

  3. rq says

    Beautiful oak. We don’t get the pointy species up here much. The leaf is masquerading as a leopard frog, that is all. And doing it quite finely!

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