Macedonia 2 – A Glorious Three-fer

I present a triune of lizards for your eyes. For some of you, a lizard may be no big deal, but I come from a land where lizards are rare, and the only ones we have are tiny and brown (but very cute!).

Lizard number 1 was hiding out in bright sunlight on some flat rocks, when I nearly stepped on it.

See if you can spot it:

I am invisible…

The dramatic reveal below the fold…

I approached it gently, and we spent a good few minutes staring at each other with great suspicion (different kinds of suspicion, of course, but still suspicion).

Still shy…

And it was kind enough to hold still for a portrait, of sorts:

Suspicion impersonated.

Lizard number 2 was a runner. Long, thin, green in body and red of tail, like a tiny little dragon not paying attention to where it was going. It nearly ran over my foot! I got a couple of photos before it ran off into the grass.

Look at that gorgeous super-long tail!

And some super-long toes, too!

Lizard number 3 was a Cool Dude hanging out near the moth-attracting light on the hotel wall. Here he is, just chilling (picture quality bad because I was standing on a wobbly chair and light was poor… excuses, excuses!):

Waiting for my dinner date…

This post gets a random song, because I don’t know enough songs about reptiles:


  1. says

    Lizard Nr. 3 is a gecko. I have read somewhere that they do quite often hang on walls and ceilings around lights catching moths.

  2. kestrel says

    Lizards are so cool. I love their self-possession. Yeah, lizard #3 certainly looks like a gecko. I remember in Guam they would climb on the walls and ceilings at night and make little chirps like birds in their search for insects.

  3. says

    I also come from a place where lizards are rare, so I definitely notice them when I travel. One of my clearest memories from my first trip to Disney World was all the little lizards crawling on the walls.

  4. Ice Swimmer says

    First some subdued earth colours and then, the hot reddish colour.

    However, lizards carry their earth tones very well.

  5. Nightjar says

    A fine lizard triune. They are common here but I love staring at them (or pictures of them!) anyway.

    Also, this reminds me that I saw a chameleon last month and took some photos, but I think they are still in the card inside the superzoom camera that I haven’t used since then. I can’t believe I somehow forgot about them! Aargh!

    Well… expect a chameleon submission soon, I guess. :)

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