Jack’s Walk


©voyager, all rights reserved

I love the way fallen leaves collect on the ground and flutter with every passing car. They softly whoosh and dance and sometimes my heart swells just at the sight and the sound of them. I can often be found kicking my feet in the gutters and setting them in motion. Jack politely stays on the sidewalk, often giving me a look that says ‘mommy, we’re not allowed to walk on the road,’ but even his good manners can’t stop me. Come dancing leaves, my feet are restless and my ears hear the waltz in your sighs.




  1. jazzlet says

    Lovely colours, making the mundane temporarily magical. I love kicking up leaves especially really dry crinkly sounding ones.

  2. Nightjar says

    Yeah, I totally understand you. Nothing like a good carpet of fallen leaves to walk on and kick around. I love this picture, the bright yellow leaves in the middle of the other more neutral colours provide a beautiful contrast.

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