Turn of the Season

We went from 28 degrees on Saturday to single digits (and low 10s) since Sunday, plus accompanying heavy cloud cover, gusting winds and hail. I think it’s safe to say that autumn has arrived.

A few photos:

The same train station a couple of weeks later – note flaming reds and oranges right where the morning sun touches the leaves.

The walnut waving in the wind. Despite the light-coloured sky, it was quite dark when I got home, but I liked the melancholy feel.

So, here’s a song. Hawksley Workman is a Canadian artist with a nice feel for imagery. He only has the one major hit that I know of (<i>Anger as Beauty</i>), but I’ve always enjoyed his ode to autumn on an emotional level. Indeed, autumn is here.


  1. voyager says

    What a beautiful song, rq. I can’t belive I’ve never heard it before. I mean, I live in Canada and I’m really a big supporter of Canadian music. This song reminds me a bit of Tom Waits (with a lot less gravel in his throat) in terms of style and structure.

  2. Nightjar says

    Single digits!!! To me that doesn’t sound like autumn, it sounds like that few days in January when everybody complains and authorities issue warnings about “Extreme Weather -- Take Precautions!” and hospitals report higher mortality rates and stuff. I’m not exaggerating.

    The song is beautiful, although latitude doesn’t allow me to be that sad about autumn being here. Autumn is lovely, I only get sad when it leaves. So here is another Autumn song. Dance with me one more autumn day, that’s what I always want to tell the sun.

  3. Nightjar says

    johnson catman,

    That’s what I meant as well, ºC. Max temperatures rarely drop below 10ºC where I live.

  4. johnson catman says

    Nightjar @4:
    Sorry, I misread you. I DO live where single digits F in the winter are possible and “extreme”. It is not normal, but totally possible, and happens about every second or third year for a brief period. Of course, we also sometimes have really mild weather in the winter, and I am much happier when that happens!

  5. Ice Swimmer says

    It’s clearly autumn coming in the pictures. The yellow and orange just pop to the eyes. I especially love the first.

    The brass instruments were a pleasant surprise in the song.

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