Jack’s Walk

Happy Jack, ©voyager, all rights reserved

Jack was complaining this morning that I haven’t posted a picture of him for awhile, so here is the boy being all Happy Jack in his natural environment. When Jack was just 7 weeks old we took him to the lake for the first time and he ran down to the water and dove in with total abandon. There he was, this tiny little puppy in the water for the first time and swimming out way too far. So far in fact, that we sent our older dog out to bring him in. Swimming came as naturally to Jack as walking did and if there’s water around, even puddles, you can be sure that Jack’s in it.


  1. says

    Oh, such a happy expression! Jack reminds me of our Cachet. She was half Collie and half Landseer Newfoundland, and she was exactly the same way. First time we took her to the river, she ran like hell for it, plunged in and started swimming. We sent Cante Mahto in after her. Never could keep that girl out of water, the tiniest puddle, she’d lay down in it. She loved snow, too. We used to call her alligator girl, because she’d swim deep, and only the top half of her head would be showing as she swam.

  2. Nightjar says

    Happy Jack photos are always welcome as far as I’m concerned! I’ve noticed almost all Happy Jack photos are also Jack In The Water photos or Jack About To Jump In The Water photos. :D

  3. rq says

    We had a husky/golden retriever mix called Nanuks when I was a child who was the same, couldn’t keep him out of water and he’d always find it. Trouble is, there were abandoned mica mines in the forest (great for rock-hunting) and they were deep pits of water with steep slopes. Did that matter? Nope. Nanuks is going in.

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