Jack’s Walk

We’ve had beautiful weather here since the extreme heat of last week finally broke on Thursday night. Temps have been in the twenties with low humidity and the nights have been cool and comfortable. That’s due to change tomorrow when temperatures are expected to climb into the thirties again so Jack and I plan to spend most of the day outside while we still can.

Morning at the park, ©voyager, all rights reserved


  1. says

    It looks so beautiful, I love all the colours. Do you know what kind of tree that is to the back, the smooth-barked one? That looks like some mystery trees at the cancer center. I’ll be posting pics later.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    All those ochres, blues, greens and grays, they are a treat for the eyes.

  3. voyager says

    I think it’s a magnolia tree.

    Ice Swimmer
    The city changes the colour scheme every year and I think this year is one of the nicest I’ve seen. It’s a popular spot for wedding and graduation photos.

  4. voyager says

    I call it p-mail. Jack likes to respond to a good smell message with a dribble of his own pee. Even when he’s empty he’ll air-pee.

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