1. voyager says

    What pretty, but odd looking geese. They have such short necks and flat faces. I love the black and white, though. I’d love to try photographing them.
    Around here all we see are the big, aggressive Canada Geese and I really don’t find them very photogenic at all.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    voyager @ 1

    You’re welcome!

    These photos are taken on the beach next to Finlandia Hall at the shore of the bay Töölönlahti, in downtown Helsinki. The beach is a very good place for photographing birds and pictures taken there have been seen in this blog before, multiple times.

    Barnacle geese can be aggressive as well, close to their nests and when they have goslings. As they are fairly bold but other than the aforementioned situations, not very confrontational (not like mute swans that sometimes come and try to pick a fight, with somebody, anybody*), they are fairly easy to photograph.

    I have taken pictures of barnacle geese and Canada geese next to each other, so they can be compared.
    * = I had to cut my swim short (in another place) on Thursday when I saw two mute swans swimming towards me and, lo and behold, a minute or so after I got out of the water, one of them got close to the stairs to the sea and started making vocal threats at people. The swans ate a few aquatic plants and swam away after not getting anybody riled up.

  3. Nightjar says

    Lovely photos and they are really beautiful birds. I love the white/black contrast in their plumage.

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