1. johnson catman says

    “Oh, yeah. That’s the spot. Don’t stop!”
    That’s the look my cats get when you scritch the right spot in just the right way.
    Or for that matter, the look I get when my wife scritches just the right spot on my back!

  2. Patricia Phillips says

    Oh so sweet! It always makes me happy to see a critter when he or she is happy.

  3. Patricia Phillips says

    We like petting the critters esp. if having a bad day because it’s an instant mood-lifter. With the rats we jokingly call it ‘rat therapy’.

  4. avalus says

    Really a handfull of happy. As allways, thank you for sharing these moments of pure heartmelting cuteness. I wish I had taken photos of the gunea pig sproglets. Ah good memories. :)

    I get that look when anybody caresses my hair *joyful shivers*

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