Jack’s Walk

It’s snowing here today with high winds (gusts up to 90 km/hr) and I just can’t bear to take one more wintry photo this spring. Instead, I give you this beautiful old willow tree that caught my eye the day Jack and I went to the lake. It looked so sculptural silhouetted against the blue, blue sky. I’m actually very fond of the look of bare trees in the winter. You can see how unique each one is and that they all have their own personality. Normally, I don’t find them depressing at all. Today, though, I would give a lot to see a tree fully dressed. Heck, today just a few leaf buds would thrill me.

Willow tree

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  1. says

    I used to imagine how cool it must be to be a dog -- with those amazing ears and nose -- a spring day has to be an incredible banquet for the senses.

  2. says

    What a beautiful tree! I enjoy the skeletal form too, but I’m with you on this time of year, when it almost becomes a physical ache just to see a leaf, anywhere.

  3. opus says

    I’ve always loved the look of winter trees, but then again I have a short winter to enjoy them. In north Georgia we can still see through the woods but the early species of trees are already leafing out. The redbuds are finished blooming and the dogwood buds are starting to open.

    One of my favorite photos of a winter tree. For some strange reason I spent hours looking at it. I guess 1969 was a good year for that. . .


  4. Ice Swimmer says

    So much branching. We can see the lake through it now, but soon, just the wonderful foliage.

    (J hope j don’t sound too Napoleonic.)

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