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    Hee. :D Rats adore candles, just like they do soap. They love having a nice gnaw on both now and then, but you cannot keep them out of candles. I switched over to getting only candles in glass jars with the metal lids. Yeah, I should have known better -- it didn’t take long for them to figure out how to pop the lids.

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    Oh yes. They have little ‘thumb nubs’ on their hands, and I’ve noticed they tend to be larger on the super wicked smart ones. One of these eras…


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    :D That was Vasco’s “do you mind” face, meaning he wanted to sculpt in private. He was an affable, big bear of a rat. Vasco got the ‘Stormrat’ appended to his name after I discovered he had a great love of thunderstorms. I’d take him to the studio window during one, and he’d leap off my shoulder, and cling to the screen, neck stretched to sniff better, getting slammed by rain and wind, and watching lightning. He adored thunderstorms. He’d come running to me the moment thunder grumbled, wanting transport to the window.

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