1. kestrel says

    Look at those ears!

    Obviously high-tech antennae. It’s probably picking up the signals from this blog post as you read it! !!1!11!!

  2. kestrel says

    @Ice Swimmer: Sorry not true… :-) We have (among others) the Abert’s squirrel and the Kaibab squirrel for instance, just in the squirrels that are more or less in my own area.

    The Abert’s is the one that roams the forests where I live and more often than one might suppose gets run over by cars. I guess those antennae don’t work all that great, lol… also makes me wonder why they are on the pavement. We try hard not to hit them but actually had one run in front of us, we missed it with the front tires, and then it dived under one of the back tires, going back the way it had come. We didn’t miss that time…

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