1. kestrel says

    Awww it’s a gecko! I love geckos! @Lofty, do they chirp like birds?

    In Guam there are geckoes that come out at night and climb on the walls and ceilings searching for prey. They chirp so that you’d think there were birds. We have a cover plate for the light switch from Guam, that has been carved in the shape of a gecko, so that even here we have a gecko on the wall.

  2. says

    Is it a gecko? It looks remarkably like a salamander to me. Hmmmm… I guess a lot of “small many-toed squishies with tails” get filed under “salamander” because I’ve had a lot of interactions with them. Or skinks. Whatever those are, but they are all over southern France and that’s what dad called them.

  3. kestrel says

    @Marcus: Ah, well… actually, there are no salamanders in Australia. No one is allowed to bring one as a pet, either, because of concerns of them escaping and becoming an invasive pest. People are allowed to keep pet axolotls, that’s about as close as you’ll get to a salamander in Australia.

  4. avalus says

    @Marcus: You can determine that it is a gecko by looking at the feet: those ‘disks’ are their climbing tools. Also by the beautiful studded skin. (Salamanders are amphibians and have moist skin as far as I know -- but I might be wrong there)
    What a lovely critter :)

  5. says

    I don’t know if it chirped but it was motoring around the biscuit pot at a rate of knots, hard to get a good picture of. After its ordeal it got let out under the strawberry plants.

  6. StevoR says

    I think this is most likely a Marbled Gecko (Christinus marmoratus) see :


    & short video of three of them in captivity :

    Beautiful, very neat little critters!

    @1. Kestrel : “They do vocalise, however if they are not under attack (under which they may start squeaking) they rarely vocalise.” -- wikipedia page linked above.

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