Killing ALL The Fun Of Christmas! Creepy as fuck.

Now that the ‘war on christmas’ has been won, the conservachristians have a new complaint. You just knew this was coming, right? Life is no fun for conservachristians unless they can gripe and whine. Fox News host and Trump cheerleader Laura Ingraham is concerned about women. She’s concerned that women, those awful killjoys, might suck all the fun out of christmas parties, because what else so typifies christmas as the drunken office party?

“Is the #MeToo movement becoming a spoiler for this season’s Christmas parties?” Ingraham asked Friday evening during a segment on Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle.

Speaking with comedian Jimmy Failla, Ingraham said she was worried that women who feel empowered to report sexual misconduct might ruin the holiday season by making office Christmas parties less festive.

“I can see this year it might be — a little less festive, let’s say that. No alcohol and no fun and no lampshades and, I don’t know, maybe that’s better,” she said.

“Is this just killing all the fun of Christmas?” she wondered absurdly.

Maybe that’s better? Unbelievable, especially coming from the SHN (Sexual Harassment Network). If your party hits the lampshade point, you’ve gone too far. Seriously. The next day will be flashes of very embarrassing behaviour, always remembered by at least one person, who will spread it all over the place, massive headaches, and someone will get stuck cleaning up all the pools of vomit. If you want to do that sort of thing in your own house, go for it. When it comes to office parties, which many people feel obligated to attend, having a lower key affair will come as a relief to many a person.

As for killing the fun of christmas, gosh, I thought your celebration was supposed to be Christ centered, and you all should be getting pickled in Jesus juice.  Ah well, the truth always outs – christmas, it’s about being a drunken lout!

Failla and Ingraham then turned their attention to Vox, which they ridiculed for imposing a two-drink limit at this year’s office holiday party in an effort to keep things under control.

Limiting the alcohol limits the fun, Failla argued, offering an enthusiastic endorsement of drunkenness at office parties.

“I’m pro-holiday Christmas party,” he said. “I think it serves a purpose, which is to build camaraderie over someone getting trashed. You know, you get that one night a year to be like, ‘Simmons took his shirt off and jumped in the the water fountain.’”

The reason so many people get wasted at office parties is anxiety and nervousness. That kind of ‘camaraderie’ always comes at someone’s expense, so it shouldn’t be that gosh darn hard to dispense with it.

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  1. says

    If you cannot have fun without being drunk beyond any reasonable limit, you have a problem.
    But maybe it’s a specific problem of those stick in the ass conservatives who need lots of alcohol to both loosen up themselves AND have a handy excuse afterwards.

  2. lumipuna says

    True fact: Pre-Christmas parties commemorate Virgin Mary’s baby shower. It was one wild party.

  3. rq says

    Wait wait wait… women suck all the fun out of christmas parties, okay -- for predatory men. What if those women want to have some actual fun for once, too, instead of spending the evening being constantly on edge and making sure nobody spikes the public punch bowl?
    Ah, never mind, I know the answer to that one. I’m just amazed at how little makes sense: conservatives believe people aren’t supposed to have too much fun and behave badly, yet they’re aghast that people might be made to behave just a little more decently… I think Giliell got it right.

  4. kestrel says

    Women are making parties less fun because they are standing up for themselves and men are realizing it’s not cool to harass or assault them. SERIOUSLY?

    I suppose I should not be surprised you could find two people who thought that. But I am anyway.

  5. says

    The problem is that they don’t know the secret of fun.

    Otters know the secret of fun. It is this: fun comes from within.

    When the master knows the secret of fun, an office party can be fun.
    To the master of fun, a flat lake and a rock are tremendous fun.
    The supreme masters of fun can watch Star Wars movies and still have fun; but I have seen them sometimes break a sweat accomplishing that feat.

    To know fun is to know the Tao.
    Otters say, “duh,” to that, and swim off laughing.

  6. says

    I suppose I should not be surprised you could find two people who thought that. But I am anyway.

    I bet that, if you asked Tucker Carlson, he’d defend that position like it was the pass at Thermopylae

  7. says


    I bet that, if you asked Tucker Carlson, he’d defend that position like it was the pass at Thermopylae

    :snort: Sean Hannity, too. And Bill O’Reilly. And Weinstein.

  8. says

    I opted out out of christmas party again this year. When our HR manager asked me why, I did not say “because women sucked all fun out of it” but I said truthfully that congregations of more than circa 10 people make me feel uncomfortable. I would have to get drunk in such situation to endure it, and that is not a good idea. After all, I have to work with those people afterwards.
    Yeah, I do have problem. I learned that twenty years ago and I am hell bent on not inflicting it on others.

  9. emergence says

    And of course they had to talk shit about a better news organization trying to be responsible and curb bad behavior.

  10. says

    Marcus and the otters are quite right. I for one do thoroughly ridiculous things (eg. onstage debate dressed as Marvin the Martian, singing a Fight-Club-based parody of ‘Hakuna Matata’ as ‘Bob’ with ‘Tyler’ and ‘Jack’ also played by women, marching in a Pride parade dressed as a My Little Pony, and on and on) while stone cold sober and generally have a blast doing it.

  11. Knabb says

    Right now I’m working the Christmas party circuit in an entertainment job. Of the dozen or so I’ve seen thus far every single one managed to involve people having fun without sexually harassing people. This included the ones with heavy drinking, which managed to persist just fine. It’s almost like drinking isn’t the cause of sexual harassment or something.

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