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    “She went beyond normal lesbian pleasures.”


    One can only wonder about the blurb-writer’s concept of “normal”, in this context.

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    It’s quite simple: ‘normal’ -- plain sex. ‘beyond normal’ -- kink, which is generally depicted on pulp covers as one person having a whip or a paddle.

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    Cubist, I know I’m right. As I pointed out in the first one, the publishers were, of course, afraid of the censors of the time (1950-60s), so there was a rule in place that no queer characters were allowed a happy ending.* Queer sex/pleasures weren’t regarded as kinky, they were regarded as deviant. The ‘beyond’ stuff always had to do with kink, most often sm/bondage.

    *Also pointed out that in the 1960s, Ann Bannon defied this rule more than once, although her earliest books obeyed the rule.

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