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    Hahahahaha, oh, I didn’t know about that! I almost did post Beatptized today. If you haven’t seen it, you should, it’s quite important to Ms. Francis:

    We have made this video to raise awareness that the pollution of our beautiful nature and oceans is growing from day to day. We travel a lot playing shows around the world and so we have been to many rivers, lakes and oceans in various countries. We love surfing, especially Goldie, and adventurous trips trough woods and along beaches. But almost everywhere the waters are polluted with tons of garbage and plastic. Plastic is a very persistent material and kills millions of animals every year. It scatters into micro particles which not only animals digest but also human beings by eating fish or sea food. So one day we started collecting all the garbage from the river where we live. We found incredible things like a huge barrel of dental impressions a dentist just threw there, plastic bags and bottles over bottles, bins with oil, shoes, dolls and toys, tons of cigarette filters, lighters in all variations, all sorts of plastic stuff and even a refrigerator. Plastic can be a great material but also cheap to produce, things break fast and people might value something made of wood or leather more.
    After we had filled my house and garden with garbage we started creating costumes, boats and other things out of it. Goldie, Chul-Min and me are on an expedition trough the jungle and then we find this people that belong to a tribe which is making everything out of garbage… We are proud and overwhelmed that all our friends joined us in making this happen!

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