1. dakotagreasemonkey says

    From a brief search, what I found was it was recorded in 1961.
    The horn section is haphazard, as at the start, bass is handled by a Tuba, then morphs into a string bass. later on, a trumpet/coronet adds a backbeat to the song. It’s nice to hear a bit of brass in this old tune.
    The early electric guitar is also good, though it sounds like snippets of reel to reel magnetic tape was introduced into the song at mixing time.
    Gin Gillette’s voice sounds like she was recorded at an old studio in Nashville in the mid 50’s. It just has that early Country vibe to it, fading in and out, while the Microphone is not capturing any thing less than full volume, static included, free of charge.
    Classic Rock-a-Billy, and I’m wearing Chucks, and cuffs. Cuffs are sewn and folded, not classic rolled, sorry! (they don’t make full length, uncut 501’s anymore).
    My vote: two thumbs up for the lead up to the popularity of the TV shows “The Adams Family”, and “The Munsters”.

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