Mushroom Hunt: Parasol Mushroom.

From Charly, who notes: Another edible mushroom, I personally do not like it very much, but my nephew who was collecting with me does. It makes passable fried breaded cutlets, but in my opinion the blusher is much tastier. Click for full size!

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  1. kestrel says

    Wonderful! I have not run across this one so I just spent a very fun time reading about Lepiota. I don’t think these grow in my area, very sadly. It is a gorgeous mushroom.

  2. malefue says

    Yeah, they’re good when still young and supple, the older (and bigger) ones taste like isolating foam. They get quite large too, last year I found a couple that were easily 20 cm in diameter, but that requires rainy weather followed by really hot summer days, not too much rain though.
    I always tend to find them in twilight, because they’re silver you can see them from far away in low light shine between the trees.
    Charly, how about some pictures of wood ant hills? Always find myself hunched over them, watching the patterns and actvities. And of course provoking them into spraying the palm of my hand with ant-acid and smelling it…
    I happened to be in the Styrian mountains this year during the wood ants’ nuptial flight and man, those queens are big, bigger than wasps some of them.

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