Birth of a Dinosaur.

These are wonderful! From Kestrel, click for full size.

So, first pic: the eggs, which has been pipped, and some sections of the shell have broken away. The inmate has made a little tear in the membrane. The other items you can see in there are hatched chicks, and in the left lower part of the incubator, that square thing is the hygrometer.

Now the beak emerges from the tear.

One of the siblings has come by and is about to trip and fall over the new hatchling, and then fall asleep, delaying things a bit.

Almost out, after the sibling has staggered off somewhere else!

Finally the creature emerges, ready to eat Tokyo. Or some chick crumbles, anyway.

© Kestrel, all rights reserved.


  1. rq says

    *coos softly at the baby dinosaurs*
    (Also re: the falling asleep, apparently some things babies do cross all the species boundaries.)

  2. kestrel says

    @rq: yes, they stagger and lurch around quite determinedly, and then suddenly it’s a big face plant and they are sound asleep. Like they fall asleep standing up or something. :-)

    @Ice Swimmer: you are correct. Everything else about these guys is black, but not the shell. Pretty interesting.

  3. busterggi says

    I raised cockatiels for a couple of decades -- a hatching is always cause for a celebration.

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