1. rq says

    As a point of clarification, yes, the purple roses are officially known as blue, and even that divides into two categories: false blue ( the ones Caine featured -- false because late-season blooms are more pink, therefore the variety no longer qualifies) and true blues (of which I have a beautiful pale lavender that is weak this year, but making an effort, so we’ll see).
    On a linguistic note, Latvian words for purple are very recently borrowed -- any shade of lavender, hepatica, lilac, etc. that is not outright pink was called blue. And when pink, they were known as red (the words for which also covered such divers colours as warm brown, dried blood and orange).

  2. says

    Not sure about the linquistics, but to lavender or purple are not blue, they are blue-ish with red tint. Maybe the english word “blue” has broader meaning than its czech equivalent.

    To me, blue is the color of the midday sky.

  3. says

    Yup. I am picky about my blues. Since I was kid I wanted sky or forget-me-not blue roses. I was mightily disappointed to learn that they do not exist.

  4. says

    I got curious and did a google image search for blue rose varieties. They are out there and available. The Blue Girl tea rose is a blue blue, light.

  5. rq says

    I was speaking of Latvian, not English. In English, blue is blue; in Latvian, ‘zils’ used to include shades of purple.

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