A Momentary Companion.

The lack of water situation here is dire; I am trying to feed a bit of life where I can. The scent of water on the wind is intoxicating, it’s quite easy to forget what a wondrous thing it is. That scent calls to all, and this little beauty decided to keep me company for quite a while, in between bouts of chasing a grumpy dragonfly. Click for full size.

C. Ford, all rights reserved.


  1. rq says

    Like a fragment of stained glass…

    I hope the drought eases soon; we had the deluges and now it’s back to reasonable weather for summer, not too hot, just right. We’ll see what August brings, it’s a toss-up between severe drought (everything shrivels up) and severe flood (everything rots in the field).

  2. says

    What I wouldn’t give for a good deluge followed by reasonable weather!

    The little butterfly was quite playful, and something of a show off, too. She kept buzzing my head, and doing a circle around my face so I’d know she was there. She was tremendously happy to have water.

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