America On Its Baby Hobby Horse.

Lance Wallnau is at it again. Does the man ever shut up? This time, he has the explanation for all that Russia stuff, and America is being too whiny, and sucking its thumb too much.

“Do you know why Russia made it a point to interfere with our election?” Wallnau asked. “Because Putin was incensed that Hillary Clinton, during the Obama administration, had utilized organizations in the West to plant operations in Moscow for the pro-democracy movement because—get this—the Democrats want the LGBT social agenda to be embraced and Russia won’t get on board with it.”

“Putin is virulently anti-homosexual, same-sex marriage,” he continued. “The Democrat progressives targeted Putin for regime change, so we put money and organizations into Russia for pro-democracy and Putin did a massive crackdown on it, kicked them all out … and then went on the offensive and decided to let Hillary experience what it’s like to have your political system meddled with by a foreign power.”

This business of assigning all these amazing actions to one woman is getting past tiring. I suppose it’s just beyond all reason to think that gay people in Russia might have some passing interest in having full human rights, and other little things, like not being murdered. Yes, Putin is about as homophobic as one can get, but he’s one person. He is not all of Russia, and he certainly does not speak for every person in Russia. Naturally, this has jack shit to do with anything. Trump is convenient puppet, a moron who is easily influenced. Anyone who was looking for an idiot puppet would have chosen him, he has no capacity when it comes to thinking for himself. The man is a dictator’s wet dream, as far as puppets go.

“America has to get off its little baby hobby horse here, sucking its thumb, being all offended,” Wallnau said, “because we did it to [Putin] and that’s why he did it to us. So America is guilty of this stuff too.”

Oooh, well that’s telling America. You wouldn’t be calling your listeners snowflakes, would you?

Via Right Wing Watch, there’s video.


  1. cartomancer says

    It is quite telling that he thinks that open, diplomatic, on-the-table discussions about LGBT rights with Russia are an unacceptable form of interfering with other countries’ governments. Utterly laughable, in fact, given that the US has been involved in the most extensive and severe programme of interfering with other countries’ governments in history. For over a century the US has supported anti-democratic coups and propped up murderous tyrants in the Middle East, Central America, Southeast Asia and Africa. Bill Clinton pretty much ensured the ascendency of Yeltsin and his pro-US policies in the 90s, which led to the collapse of the Russian economy and its cannibalisation by the oligarchs. All of this is well known history.

    But apparently none of that even registers as problematic with people like Wallnau. No, it’s when the US starts standing up for human rights that its perennial victims get upset. The corollary being that international support of LGBT people is bad, but savage imperialistic intervention is so okay it needn’t even be brought up.

  2. says


    but savage imperialistic intervention is so okay it needn’t even be brought up.

    Savage imperialistic intervention goes hand in hand with Jehovah.

  3. rq says

    No, it’s when the US starts standing up for human rights that its perennial victims get upset.

    They’ve never done it before. It’s worrying when things change, geeez.

  4. timberwoof says

    Apparently Lance Wallnau thinks that openly supporting NGOs and telling Putin to be nice is evil, and Putin retaliating by covertly kicking with the political process is a natural and fair response. It seems he respects bullies. What an asshole.

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