Tiny Tyrant: Poor People Need Not Apply.

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Politics tends to be a game for the wealthy, although every now and then, someone without significant monies gets in. A short while ago, the Tiny Tyrant, looking at crushing disapproval and clouds of scandals coming home to roost, decided to get back on the ol’ campaign rally trail, because by gosh, some people just love him. I’m getting the distinct feeling this “strategy” isn’t going to work out all that great for Donny. He seems to forget that he’s not a candidate now, so just saying whatever pops into that pea brain of his isn’t the brightest of plans. In Iowa, he explained how poor people just weren’t wanted, and how they are just, um, icky.

Donald Trump on Wednesday defended his decision to appoint cabinet members with significant personal wealth, arguing he doesn’t “want a poor person” in charge of the economy.

Trump was speaking about Gary Cohn, a former Goldman Sachs banker the president appointed as his chief economic advisor—despite promising to “drain the swamp” during his presidency.

“I love all people,” Trump said during a campaign-style rally in Cedar Rapids, IA. “Rich or poor. But in those particular positions I just don’t want a poor person. Does that make sense?”

No, it doesn’t make sense. Not one little fuckin’ bit, Donny. I’d like to know how Donny defines poor. What constitutes a poor person in TrumpWorld? I imagine a two income household that manages to scrape past the $100,000 mark each year would be considered pitifully poor to those on billionaire’s row. As for all of us well below that mark? I’m not altogether sure we’re even visible.

Trump has received significant criticism for his appointment of Cohn, as well as Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross. Although he ran on a populist platform, Trump’s cabinet has a combined net worth of $6 billion.

Six billion. There’s a figure which is little more than a nebulous abstract to this person. How does anyone in the rarefied, atrophic atmosphere of billions and billions define poor? And how does that definition relate, in any way, to those of us on planet earth?

Via Raw Story, where there’s video. Turns out, this post is hand and glove with one of Marcus’s, on Propaganda.


  1. says

    Why, a poor person might understand actual economics, and have more in mind than protecting the pocketses of billionaires. Can’t have that.

  2. Saad says

    It’s a simple case of when you’re privileged, any move towards equality feels like oppression. Poor people being represented in the government will lead to such a shift. Therefore bad.

  3. says

    A classical demonstration of rich people falling prey to the faulty reasoning that equates wealth with competence. Because in their mind those two things are inherently causally connected.

  4. busterggi says

    Obviously the poor are the true elites in America as Trump and his supporters hate them elites.

  5. Dunc says

    What constitutes a poor person in TrumpWorld

    Remember that episode of The Simpsons where Mr Burns gets kicked out of the billionaires club, and has to slum it with the pitiful yokels who are merely multi-millionaires? That.

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