“So Part of Me Is Giggling”

Raw Story has an article up about the witless and empty-headed Jill Stein, who says the whole Russian thing is no big deal; she agrees with Putin, and y’know, there’s really no major difference between Clinton and Trump. *spits* Oh yes, and she’s all proud of being criticized, because “hey, look, someone is paying attention outside of election season!” It should be criminal to be that damn stupid.

What got to me though wasn’t Stein, it was one Sherry Wells, Chair of Michigan’s Green Party:

“In some ways, Trump is one of the best things to happen to this country because look at how many people are getting off their posteriors,” said Sherry Wells, chairwoman of Michigan’s Green Party. “So part of me is giggling.”

All of me, Ms. Wells, is not fucking giggling over all the damage already done, and more to come. All of me, Ms. Wells, thinks you are a fucking idiot, and a fine example of what is wrong with so many citizens of this lost country. All of me, Ms. Wells, tells you to fuck right the fuck off, shut the fuck up, and go the fuck away until you develop a brain and figure out how to use it.

Via Raw Story.


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    Cupcake, they ain’t protesting for the sheer fun of it, they’re fighting for their lives.

    Yep. Even worse, this idiot is part of the ‘green party’, and finds all the damage already done in regard rolling back anti-pollution regulations and the destruction of land giggly? There isn’t enough contempt for that one. She could use a swift kick to her posterior.

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    It’s like trying to find a thin silver lining on a dark cloud made of evaporated urine. You’re still going to get piss rained down on you.

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    It’s like trying to find a thin silver lining

    No, it was not. It’s fucking stupidity, floating on a miasma of smug arrogance.

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    Yeah, Stein just revealed herself to be shockingly politically naive.

    That might be one of the nicest things said about her. It was interesting, when she was out at the NoDAPL camp. Even with a mic, you could barely hear her, all breathy and emptiness. I was watching people, not her. Lots of white people all starry-eyed; lots of Indians not starry-eyed.

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