At The Dairy Goat Show.

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Nubian doeling back in the pens where the goats are kept prior to going into the ring.

A La Mancha doe standing at ringside. No, no one cut off her ears; they are born this way.

A contestant listens carefully to the judge’s comments at the end of his class.

Nigerian Dwarf does waiting at ringside for their turn to go in the ring and shine before the judge. They really are that little. Their backs do not come as high as my knees and I am not exactly what would be called tall.

When the judge directs you to stand in the front of the line, and no one else is in front of you… that means you just won the class. But since you are at a show, you must keep concentrating on your goat and keep her looking good.

This truly gorgeous and very personable doe went Best In Show. A well-deserved win.

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  1. voyager says

    They are all lovely, but that first goat is actually smiling! And those long velvet ears just make me want to fondle them. I bet they’re all warm and soft and would just drape over your fingers….

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