1. rq says

    I love the colours in these, Charly -- they look super-enhanced, it’s fascinating.

  2. says

    rq, that is the evening sun. I made the photo at around 7 p.m. the sun was shining almost in parallel to the ground and the light was very yellow.

  3. busterggi says

    If’n it wouldn’t cause anaphalaxis I’d appreciate these critters more.

  4. says

    Busterggi, I have the same problem in regard to bees and wasps. It was taking up a camera that got me to calm down, and get much closer to the beings who do have the power to kill me, and I learned to appreciate them all a great deal. Not that I lost my paranoia entirely -- I still freak out over swarms of anything headed in my general direction, and I won’t go near hives or beefarms.

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