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    “Was it good for you too?”

    Most photographers have a photo that got away. Mine was in Japan at a buddhist temple. Picture a long row of shaven headed monks going through a door into a shaft of light, white incense smoke, white robes, deep shadows. I bring my camera up just as one of the monks pulls out a cell phone and answers it -- but I’m at the end of the roll and he’s gone in a second.

    What was this crucifixion about? A bunch of years ago I found out that there is a large kink community devoted to the topic (I did a crucifixion erotic picture and started getting orders for prints and specific unsettling requests)

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    I went back to Buzzfeed and checked, the movie is called Mary Magdalene, and is supposedly about her. Rooney Mara is Mary, Joaquin Phoenix is Jesus, and Chiwetel Eijiofor is Peter.

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